Global Vision

Jáuregui´s areas of specialization fully meet the needs of all its clients. Yet, on occasions it is important to resort to the services of the best external consultants

on related areas.
As a result, we work with prestigious professionals with vast experience, who render their services when required.



Dr. Douglas Elespe

He presided the Argentine Institute for Finance Executives, the Certified International Investment Analyst Academic Council in Argentina (Associated to the ACIIA worldwide). He was Director President of the local branch of Thomson Reuters La Ley.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Etala

He is an external consultant of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and UNICEF. He has been: judge; National Director of the Labor Authority; Vice Minister of Labor and Director of the Labor Law Area of the Argentine Legal Digest

Dr. Gustavo Durini

Attorney, UCA. Specialization in Law of Oil and Gas, UBA. Tax Law, Univ. Austral. Master in Business Administration (EMBA), IAE Business School.

Dr. Adrián M. Rois

Lawyer specialized in Criminal Law and Public Policies

Dr. Ricardo Jorge Klass